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Zipora Schneider
(05th January 1899 – 17th January 1993)

Zipora Schneider was born in Leipzig on 5 January 1899. At that time, the Schneider family had been living in the city for almost a year. She was 12 years old, when her mother Esther died. Zipora was musically talented, played the piano and visited the Leipzig Conservatory, the University of Music and Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy”. In 1928 Zipora married Simon Marshak, who had emigrated from Vilnius to Leipzig at the age of 18 and worked as tailor for fur goods. She married Simon Marshak and emigrated with him to Pardes Hanna in Israel in 1936. Together they had a daughter, Betty. Zipora worked as a piano teacher in Pardes Hanna. She died on 17 January 1993 in Pardes Hanna.